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 I can provide  expertise in employee relations, business and strategic HR planning, diversity management stragetic thinking, recruitment/staffing, human rights issues, mediation and other related HR management functions. 

Good Employee Relations

Bringing together employees from all walks of life.


When employees work well together  and they have one common goal, the business will benefit.  The Business will more productive if the the working relationships  and moral of the employees positive.   Happy workers are prouctive workers.


Business and Stragetic HR Planning

The better your business/HR plans is,  the higher chance of success.  Let me help you design a plan that will be tailored to your goals. Take on the challenge head on and are delighted with the results!

Stragetic Thinking
Turns planning into a success.


I can train you and your staff to make this way of thinking second nature and to ensure that your comapny is continually growing and is financially successful..

Diversity Management

Bringing together persons from diverse backgrounds.


Achieving a workforce that is representative of the Canadian society is essential for  a successful organization to continue to grow.and to be financially successfull.



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